Amanda Sturgeon Appointed as CEO of the Biomimicry Institute

Photo: Biomimicry Institute Logo and hummingbird

Missoula, MT – The Biomimicry Institute, a global non-profit dedicated to promoting nature-inspired innovation, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Amanda Sturgeon as its new Chief Executive Officer, succeeding Beth Rattner, the outgoing Executive Director. Amanda brings a wealth of experience in scaling high-impact non-profits, as well as a deep passion for biomimicry and the connection between people and…

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Rediscovering biophilic design

Iroquoian Village biophilic design

I had not given much thought to what an architect was before taking time off between high school and college to travel. As I backpacked through the Australian landscape, the sheer natural beauty of the country, its unique flora and fauna, and the vast expanses of pristine land stood in stark contrast to the developed…

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Using Biophilic Design to heal body, mind and soul

Amanda Sturgeon Ted Med speaker

Transcript of my TedMed 2018 talk Buildings designed for life. During the 20th century, humans became inside creatures, more than 90% of our time is now spent indoors, eating, sleeping, learning, working, socializing. We have largely ignored this growing separation from nature, as well as the significant contribution, it’s having on climate change. In the…

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Buildings designed for life

Te Kura Whare

This post was published within the book of essays: All we can save: truth, courage, and solutions for the climate crisis, edited by Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and Katharine K Wilkinson. Read more about this inspiting and comprehensive publication (now out in paperback) and the movement behind it. During the 20th century, humans became “inside creatures”.…

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