Amanda Sturgeon Regenerative Design specialist architect

Connecting people and nature

An Architect, CEO, Author, Speaker and Consultant, whatever the role my mission is the same: to connect people and nature. 

My mission is grounded in the belief that climate change and biodiversity loss are the two critical issues of our time. Only by repairing the relationship that people have with the natural world can we shift from a ‘take, make, waste’ society towards a regenerative one. 

Going beyond sustainability, a Regenerative Design approach offers a process that results in positive outcomes for both society and nature. It is based on the principles of whole systems thinking, place-based design and creating the potential for continual evolution. 

As author and leader of global regenerative frameworks, I bring innovative solutions to projects of any scale to create buildings, infrastructure and cities that contribute to the reversal of climate change and biodiversity loss. 

Amanda Sturgeon Speaking and Events

Keynote Speaking + Presentations

Inspirational talks on regenerative design, biophilic design or climate positive and net zero buildings and communities.

I prompt an audience to transform the way they think about what's possible at the built environment and city scale and why we are all critical to reversing global climate change and biodiversity loss.



Regenerative + Biophilic Design Masterclass

This 6-week master class is composed of in-depth sessions that explore regenerative and biophilic design principles, how to build strategies and goals on a project, and integrate them successfully.

If you have been looking for a class that can assist you with implementing transformational change on your built environment project, this class is for you.



Individual, team or group workshops

I'll lead and facilitate your team through the process needed to shift the current approach to projects toward one that is based on whole systems thinking, creating new potential for positive outcomes.

My workshops focus on regenerative design, biophilic design, climate and water positive approaches as well as nature based solutions.

REgenerative design co evolution

Biophilic Design Strategy + Frameworks

Building on the findings from my book “Creating Biophilic Buildings”, I guide project teams to develop Biophilic Design Frameworks that uncover innovative strategies and collaborative processes for implementation.

This process ensures that the connection to nature moves beyond superficial measures and is meaningfully integrated into the design concept.

Amanda Sturgeon regenerative design projects

Re-wilding + Regenerative Design

Evolving from frameworks implemented in large scale infrastructure and master planning projects, I guide visions and strategies to transform teams and uncover new potential for both ecologies and communities.

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Regenerative design and Biophilic Design specialist amanda Sturgeon