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An Architect, CEO, Author, Speaker and Consultant, whatever the role my mission is the same: to connect people and nature. 

My mission is grounded in the belief that climate change and biodiversity loss are the two critical issues of our time. Only by repairing the relationship that people have with the natural world can we shift from a ‘take, make, waste’ society towards a regenerative one. 

Going beyond sustainability, a Regenerative Design approach offers a process that results in positive outcomes for both society and nature. It is based on the principles of whole systems thinking, place-based design and creating the potential for continual evolution. 

As author and leader of global regenerative frameworks, I bring innovative solutions to projects of any scale to create buildings, infrastructure and cities that contribute to the reversal of climate change and biodiversity loss. 

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Amanda is a dynamic and brilliant advocate for changing the way we design and build our shelters and cities... her passion is contagious and her ability to think across systems and see the connections between typical silos is uniquely profound.

As CEO of The Biomimicry Institute, a global non-profit dedicated to promoting nature-inspired innovation, I foster a thriving eco-system of innovators, educators and change-makers to bring about a world that works in harmony with nature and natural systems.

As the former inaugural CEO of Built by Nature, a network and grant-making fund, I grew the organisation to be able to accelerate the timber and bio-based building materials transformation in Europe and beyond.

While Regenerative Design lead at global consultancy Mott MacDonald, I worked with clients across the Asia Pacific region to bring climate and biodiversity positive solutions to infrastructure, buildings and cities.

During my role as CEO of the International Living Future Institute I created and brought regenerative design frameworks to buildings, communities and products, expanded the organization globally and doubled its size and scope. As author of regnerative building programs such as The Living Building Challenge and founder of the Biophilic Design Initiative, I worked globally on hundreds of projects that are working to define a regenerative building future.


Amanda Sturgeon FAIA

A Fellow of the American Institute of Architects since 2013 I was elected a US Green Building Council Fellow the same year.

In 2015 I was named as one of the top 10 women in sustainability with the Women in Sustainability Leadership Award.

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“Amanda has the rare combination of strategically scaling organizations and an authentic passion"

Janine Benyus,

The Biomimicry Institute co-founder and author of Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature


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Implicit in the choice we make about the built environment is a choice about ourselves: Are people separate from nature, or are we part of nature?

I believe we are part of nature and that we are intricately connected to all other living species.

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